Goal of the Week #51: Move It!

Yoga DebThis Week’s Goal: Move it! No matter what business you’re in, chances are you spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in front of the computer, working at your desk, attending meetings. See a theme? There’s a lot of sitting going on!

Work time is important, obviously. Especially if you are spending your downtime on your passion projects – yes, most likely more time in front of a computer – all in the name of pursuing your dreams.

So, this week, I say get moving: go for a walk, enjoy a bike ride, join an athletic team, take an exercise class, or – my latest pursuit – do some internet yoga.

For those who work from home, we’ve previously talked about the need for separate workspace. So, it’s not that much of a leap to unroll the yoga mat and create an exercise space in the general vicinity of your computer, is it?


Disclosure: I received a free six-month trial of MyYogaWorks in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

MyYogaWorks is the perfect option for busy entrepreneurs, writers, experts, etc., who want to get fit – or, in my case, centered – in, let’s face it, an instant gratification sort of way.

You can access the site,  from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Where as the computer is easier to see the big picture, the mobile devices make it easier to keep track of the flow during sun salutations or in downward facing dog. I like the multiple options.

The site has short videos for positioning and mini yoga sessions, as well as super-long workouts. The search functionality makes it easy to find your level, length and focus. There are meditations, too, for whenever you need to just reboot. Whether you want stability and balance, mindful fitness, or relentless flow, there’s everyone can fit into their schedule.

No matter what exercise you pursue, it’s essential to workout your body, as well as your mind.

So, how will you move it this week?

* * *

Want to try MyYogaWorks? Use the code “Blogger14” to receive their first month of MyYogaWorks for $5.  

Goal of the Week #50: Dance Break

Dance BreakThis Week’s Goal: Take a dance break. Now those of you who work in a traditional office may have a little trouble achieving this goal, but see what you can do. Those who work at home, this should be a piece of cake…

Some time in the afternoon, instead of having a shot of caffeine, give dancing a shot. Turn up the music and let loose.

Again, if you work in an office, you may want to try this in the privacy of your own home. Not comfortable dancing? Fine. Just turn up the tunes and zone out for a moment. It’s amazing how refreshed you will feel.

Will you take a dance break this week? Let us know what song you blasted and how it made you feel.

And now back to your regularly scheduled work day!


Goal of the Week #49: Add Spark to Your Projects

Ellen WhitehurstThis Week’s Goal: Add “spark” to your projects.

It can be difficult when you are working on a passion project to maintain that sense of excitement… especially when you have been working on it for a while. So, this week, take time to remember what sparked the idea in the first place.

Look over old notebooks, re-read your project’s mission statement, re-familiarize yourself. Then find something fun you can do – write a promo post, rewrite your future bio with this project in it – to re-ignite your excitement.

What will you do this week to ignite your passion project?

* * *

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Goal of the Week #48: Do Something Fun Every Day

Maxine & DebThis Week’s Goal: Do Something Fun! I often suggest people should do something fun at least once a week. And I truly believe that an important part of life is to take breaks regularly, so you do not get stuck in a rut. But why stop there?

This week, we’re going to amp it up a bit. Do something fun every day. This goal of the week was inspired b Maxine Nunes (left) at last week’s LA Creative People hangout. Maxine, like many of us, works too hard and needs to give herself a break. When I suggested she should do something fun every week as her monthly goal, Maxine countered. “Why only do one fun thing a week?” she asked. “Do something fun every day.” So there you have this week’s goal!

Track your fun activities and post them in the comments. Maybe you’ll inspire someone else to do something fun too!

What fun things will you do this week?

Goal of the Week #47: Schedule an Hour a Week

ScheduleThis week’s goal: Schedule an hour a week to work on your passion project. An hour may not seem like a lot of time, but, believe me, it all adds up.  If you have more time, that’s great. But most people struggle to find any time at all to work on the project they love that is not yet bringing in money.

This project may be along the lines of a non-fiction book or novel, a new product or app, or a new website or blog. And it is usually either something that enhances/adds to a person’s business or it’s a side project that a person hopes to turn into full-time work one day.

No matter what the reasoning, scheduling time to work on such projects is an important part of the process. Make an appointment with yourself – and put the time in your calendar, ideally as a regular weekly appointment.

Long-term projects will get done. Just work on them consistently until you reach the finish line.

What long-term project will you put on your schedule?

Goal of the Week #46: Plan out Your Year

CalendarThis week’s goal: Plan out your Year. Last week’s goal was to determine where you want to be at the end of 2014. This week’s goal is to figure out how you are going to do it. Take your end-of-the-year goals and figure out what you need to accomplish each month in order to get them done. If you are writing a book this year, give yourself outline, chapter, and rewrite deadlines, and assign them throughout the year. If you plan to start a business, figure out what needs to be done in reasonable increments in order to do so. If you want to make your blog a must-read in your industry – and get on a top-10 list for 2014 – decide what you need to do each month to develop your content, extend your reach, and get noticed.

No matter what your plans for 2014, remember anything is achievable. Just set goals and reasonable deadlines … and make sure you stay on track!

What’s your big goal for 2014? 

Goal of the Week #45: Write Your End-of-the-Year Bio

Bio 2014This Week’s Goal: Write your end-of-the-year bio. We’ll be talking about annual goals a lot this month. It is, after all, January, and what you do this month could set you up for year-long success.

This week, write the bio you want to have by the end of 2014. You can include previous awards, jobs, and accomplishments, of course. But be sure to add in what you plan to achieve this year, including career benchmarks, company or product launches, and/or press, awards, and book releases. One more thing, write this bio in the present tense. It’s important to “tell the universe” what you want as if you already have it. The power of positive thinking – and doing – works!

Share a few lines from your end of 2014 bio in the comments.

Goal of the Week #44: Choose Your 2014 Theme

TypewriterThis week’s goal: Choose your theme for 2014.

At the beginning of every year there are certain to dos: list your personal and business goals/make your resolutions: get a better job, launch a business, workout regularly, meet your soul mate, the list goes on and on. While it’s important to know what you want if you want to achieve it, it’s also essential – as you jump into this new year – to know what kind of year you would like to have. Did you just get out of a bad job/difficult relationship? Is it a rebuilding year? Is this your growth year? What is your mission statement for 2014? What is your “power word,” slogan, or – with regards to Ally McBeal – theme song?

You will encounter ups and downs throughout this year’s journey. Choose a word, slogan, or song that represents your theme to keep your spirits up and your eye on the prize … and have a successful 2014.

 What is your power word for 2014?

Goal of the Week #43: Reach a Goal

gold-starThis week’s goal: reach a goal! Did you set a goal for 2013? Did you set a bunch of goals? Great. How many of them did you accomplish? If your answer is one or more, good for you! If you have yet to complete a goal for 2013, there is still time. I know it’s busy, being the holiday season and all, but take some time this week – and next – to complete one of your 2013 goals. Even if you did not accomplish all you set out to do this year, pick one attainable item, and get it done. You’ll feel good about yourself … and will be ready to zoom into 2014.

Which goal will you complete this week?

Goal of the Week #42: Take a Break

lunchThis week’s goal: Take a break. Its the busiest time of the year. You have extra holiday obligations – school and work functions, parties, shopping, etc., not to mention all of those end-of-the-year deadlines. This is me, the goal coach, saying it’s not only okay to take break during the hustle and bustle of the holiday’s, it’s practically mandatory.

So, one day this week, for your lunch hour, actually go to lunch … don’t run errands or work through lunch at your desk. Even better, go to lunch with a friend. Another option: Take a coffee break that involves leaving your office and getting a cup of coffee. You can also curl up with a good book one evening or leave the laptop – and your work – at work.

Everything will get done, as long as you are mindful of your obligations, make lists, and take care of yourself.

What kind of break will you take this week?