Goal of the Week #48: Do Something Fun Every Day

Maxine & DebThis Week’s Goal: Do Something Fun! I often suggest people should do something fun at least once a week. And I truly believe that an important part of life is to take breaks regularly, so you do not get stuck in a rut. But why stop there?

This week, we’re going to amp it up a bit. Do something fun every day. This goal of the week was inspired b Maxine Nunes (left) at last week’s LA Creative People hangout. Maxine, like many of us, works too hard and needs to give herself a break. When I suggested she should do something fun every week as her monthly goal, Maxine countered. “Why only do one fun thing a week?” she asked. “Do something fun every day.” So there you have this week’s goal!

Track your fun activities and post them in the comments. Maybe you’ll inspire someone else to do something fun too!

What fun things will you do this week?