Goal of the Week #50: Dance Break

Dance BreakThis Week’s Goal: Take a dance break. Now those of you who work in a traditional office may have a little trouble achieving this goal, but see what you can do. Those who work at home, this should be a piece of cake…

Some time in the afternoon, instead of having a shot of caffeine, give dancing a shot. Turn up the music and let loose.

Again, if you work in an office, you may want to try this in the privacy of your own home. Not comfortable dancing? Fine. Just turn up the tunes and zone out for a moment. It’s amazing how refreshed you will feel.

Will you take a dance break this week? Let us know what song you blasted and how it made you feel.

And now back to your regularly scheduled work day!


Goal of the Week #42: Take a Break

lunchThis week’s goal: Take a break. Its the busiest time of the year. You have extra holiday obligations – school and work functions, parties, shopping, etc., not to mention all of those end-of-the-year deadlines. This is me, the goal coach, saying it’s not only okay to take break during the hustle and bustle of the holiday’s, it’s practically mandatory.

So, one day this week, for your lunch hour, actually go to lunch … don’t run errands or work through lunch at your desk. Even better, go to lunch with a friend. Another option: Take a coffee break that involves leaving your office and getting a cup of coffee. You can also curl up with a good book one evening or leave the laptop – and your work – at work.

Everything will get done, as long as you are mindful of your obligations, make lists, and take care of yourself.

What kind of break will you take this week?


Goal of the Week #19 Do the Work

gold starThis week’s goal: Do the work. Dedicate 5 – 10 hours to your side project. Networking and groundwork is essential – and that’s something we cover regularly on this site. So this week, put in some quality, no-distraction time on your passion project. One to two hours a ┬áday may not seem like a lot, but it all adds up. You’ll be happy with the amount of progress you make.

Which project will you be working on this week?