Goal of the Week #47: Schedule an Hour a Week

ScheduleThis week’s goal: Schedule an hour a week to work on your passion project. An hour may not seem like a lot of time, but, believe me, it all adds up. ┬áIf you have more time, that’s great. But most people struggle to find any time at all to work on the project they love that is not yet bringing in money.

This project may be along the lines of a non-fiction book or novel, a new product or app, or a new website or blog. And it is usually either something that enhances/adds to a person’s business or it’s a side project that a person hopes to turn into full-time work one day.

No matter what the reasoning, scheduling time to work on such projects is an important part of the process. Make an appointment with yourself – and put the time in your calendar, ideally as a regular weekly appointment.

Long-term projects will get done. Just work on them consistently until you reach the finish line.

What long-term project will you put on your schedule?

Goal of the Week #21 Summer Schedule

LA Cover PicThis week’s goal: Determine your summer schedule. It’s officially summer, which means you have three choices – take a break from your passion project, commit to getting it done by the end of summer, or come up with a manageable compromise.

Similar to holiday-time, the summer months are chock full of extra obligations: family vacations or field trips, parties and picnics, beachtime and beer. I live in LA, where the weather is great year-round. Those of you in other parts of the country who want to enjoy actual summer, go for it. Just don’t let your projects fall by the wayside in the process.

gold star

Whether you have less or more time to devote to your passion project, make a commitment to move forward. How many hours will you work on it each week? Each month? Some weeks may be more productive than others. The objective: be further along on – or complete – your project by the time fall rolls around.

What is your summer schedule commitment?