Guided Goals Podcast #20: SEO for Your Blog with Lindsay Tredent Mauch

Lindsay Tredent Mauch SEO for Your BlogDo you use SEO for your blog?

Want to make your posts more searchable?

Need help getting started?

Our guest today is Lindsay Tredent Mauch is, and we’re going to talk about SEO for your blog. Lindsay is the Founder of LTM Digital, a Marketing & Social Media Boutique Agency focused on health, fitness, and technology and runs her own health and fitness blog,

Lindsay shares the evolution of Fit and Awesome, as well as how to create blog posts for SEO.

Lindsay, who she started her own business while working full time, explains how in 2012 she went through a health and diet change. As she got healthier, people asked to read about her journey, but she did not have a dedicated blog. Over Thanksgiving weekend 2012 the Fit and Awesome blog was born.

Lindsay started writing, went on The Whole 30 Challenge in January, and made a goal to write every day that month. Six months later, she had a website with a huge following.

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Guided Goals Podcast #19: Self Publishing with Marci Baun

Marci Baun Self PublishingAre you considering self publishing?

Have you written a book?

Do you want to write a book to showcase your expertise?

Marci Baun joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about self publishing. A writer, editor and publisher, Marci is the founder and CEO of Wild Child Publishing and Freya’s Bower, and also helps authors self publish.

Marci talks about what you need to know to write, prep and self publish a book.

People choose to self publish for many reasons: you have more control, you can set your price, you can decide on distribution, and mostly so you don’t have to wait many years to get an agent, find a publisher, and get released.

So many people have a lot of information to share, and this is an easy way to get it out there, Marci says.

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Guided Goals Podcast #18: Interviewing Guests with Harry Duran

Interviewing Guests with Harry DuranDo you interview guests on a podcast?

Ready to step up your game?

Want tips for developing pre- and post-interview relationships?

Harry Duran joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about interviewing guests for your podcast. We’ll also talk about maintaining ongoing engagement with them well after their episode is live.

Harry Duran is the host of Podcast Junkies and the founder of FullCast, a full-service podcast concierge service. Note: Harry’s next Blab podcast is this Wednesday, January 13.

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Guided Goals Podcast #17: Debra Eckerling Answers Goal Questions

Deb answers questions about goalsHave you set goals for the new year?

Do you have a plan to achieve them?

Want to set yourself up for success?

Debra Eckerling, project catalyst and host of the Guided Goals Podcast, answers questions about how to set and achieve goals in the new year.

Debra is joined by Tara Coomans, founder of Poodle Mafia, who will be asking the questions, posted by the Guided Goals community. (Tara was the first podcast guest ever, and now joining us for the first show of 2016.)

For future “ask Deb” episodes, post questions on Facebook, tweet to @Guided Goals, or email your goal questions to

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Guided Goals Podcast #9: Hustle with Blake Jamieson

Blake JamiesonDo you have a fabulous idea?

Are you having trouble getting your project going?

Are you tired of putting your dreams on hold?

Blake Jamieson joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about using your Hustle. Blake is a content marketer who specializes in helping brands and individuals stand out in a noisy digital world. He is the author of Tinder Hacks, and creator of

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The Guided Goals Podcast

Guided Goals PodcastThe Guided Goals Podcast is launching on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. Listen to discover the tools, direction and resources you need to pursue your passion project. [Read more…]

Debra Eckerling on Silicon Beach Strategy

Earlier this month, Jude Belanger, Silicon Beach Strategy, interviewed me about the importance of your online presence and things you can do to tap into writing your expertise. Check it out!

Entrepreneur Advice: Pursecase

pursecaseWant to create something useful? Look at what will make your life easier and go from there. That was what happened when Kelley Coughlan and Jenn Deese created Pursecase.* The duo, who are also partners of Melrose PR in Santa Monica, talk with Guided Goals’ founder Debra Eckerling about their experience. Plus, they offer advice for would-be entrepreneurs.

* A pursecase was used in filming this interview.


Silicon Beach Fest – Advice for Entrepreneurs

Silicon Beach Fest 2013One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles is the access to so many creative, inspiring, passionate business-minded people in the LA Start-up Scene. Entrepreneurs were out in full force at last week’s Silicon Beach Fest,  in Santa Monica, California. Presented by Digital LA, this is the second annual Santa Monica event … plus, they had a Hollywood mini-version last fall.

Below are excellent tweeted advice from #sbf 2013 … pay close to the first and last tweets. They are my favorites.

CrossCampusLA ‏@CrossCampusLA “Entrepreneurship is no different than painting. We are all artists; our medium is ideas.” #storytelling with @Micahat #SBF

Holly Self ‏@iamhollyself @msuster – great prezo! Urgency, networking, tenacity  & real problem solving. 4 most important things you need as an entrepreneur. #sbf

Julian Tyler ‏@JulianTyler The value of an event like #SBF is more than its revenue, the real value is in what people get out if it and what it does for the community.

Digital LA ‏@DigitalLA Great entrepreneurs must: accept and overcome failure, be fit, support each other, says Nely Galan, noon keynote #SBF

Alexa Roman ‏@calexity You don’t need to be a developer to get it done. Move fast and make the impossible possible. @EspreeDevora‘s advice for#startups #sbf

bLife @blife: Lesson from the wellness tech panel at the Silicon Beach Fest? We need collaboration, communication and engagement.

Silicon Beach LA ‏@SiliconBeach_LA Investor @MSuster speaking at @CrossCampusLA for #SBF. Mark’s advice: “Don’t get psyched out” #SiliconBeach

Kian Gohar ‏@fromthekgb Entrepreneurs are the only people who work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week. #siliconbeach #sbf #startups

Did you attend Silicon Beach Fest? What was your favorite part?