Guided Goals Podcast #9: Hustle with Blake Jamieson

Blake JamiesonDo you have a fabulous idea?

Are you having trouble getting your project going?

Are you tired of putting your dreams on hold?

Blake Jamieson joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about using your Hustle. Blake is a content marketer who specializes in helping brands and individuals stand out in a noisy digital world. He is the author of Tinder Hacks, and creator of

Blake believes working on your passion project and hustle go hand-in-hand. You hustle hard when you are working on something you love. If someone is not a hustler by nature, maybe they are working on the wrong thing, and need to re-evaluate their passion project.

Blake works on multiple projects at a time. That way, he’ll work on something and then when he gets stuck, he’ll spend time on something else.

“That’s how I don’t get burnt out,” he says.

Tinder Hacks

Tinder Hacks is a guide for helping guys do better on Tinder. Tinder is a dating app, where you look through pictures, swipe yes or no, and if you both like each other, you get matched.

Blake used his content marketing background on Tinder and he certainly got noticed. He adapted his Tinder profile picture to make it look like he was endorsed by the platform, and got a massive amount of matches. He wrote a blog post about the experience, it was picked up by AdWeek, and then snowballed into all sorts of publicity. So he wrote an ebook to capitalize on the traffic.

While Blake was excited to write a fun blog about his Tinder experience, he says he wrote other articles, seeking a snowball effect, and they never came close to this.

How to Hustle

The idea is to use the tools everyone has access to (Twitter, Facebook, any social media channel), and see what you can do to make it work a little differently.

For example, Blake looked at Tinder and zeroed in on what he had control over: the picture and bio. So he worked within those boundaries and got creative.

On Twitter you can tweet to people or do a picture or video. That’s the box you are supposed to play in, he explains. You have to do something in that box, but different.

In terms of Twitter, people aren’t doing that much video, so if you do videos, you will stand out!

Blake sends personalized videos to new followers. It’s simple, but different than how most other people are using it


Blake use notebooks and journals to write down ideas. Plus he uses Google Calendar to stay organized and track time spent. On Sunday nights he schedules his week, including project time, and color codes everything.

Work/Life Balance

Blake maintains balance by not being connected to the computer all the time. He’s been remodeling the house in Arizona. And, as he is moving back to Los Angeles, that gives him a chance to get back on the water. Blake says any day he can get to the beach to surf sets the tone for the whole day.

Professional Goal of the Week: Brainstorm 20 out of the box ideas of things you can do to get your passion project out there.

Personal Goal of the Week: Step away from the computer and do something away from the computer screen. If what you do raises your heart rate, you get extra points.

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