Goal of the Week #41: Perform a Random Act of Kindness

GiftGoal of the Week: Perform a random act of kindness. The holidays can be full of food, fun, and activity. They can also be very stressful. This week, do something nice for a stranger. Hold open the door, buy coffee for the person behind you in line, carry spare treats – candy canes, small toys, etc. – and give them out to people who need a lift. It’s amazing how much that will lift your spirits too!

Share your random acts of kindness in the comments.

Goal of the Week #40: Say Thanks!

ThanksThis Week’s Goal: Say Thanks! When was the last time you thanked someone? Whether it was for lunch, a job referral, a connection. This week – in honor of Thanksgiving, of course – write a thank you note. It could be an email, but a mailed thank-you card is even better. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so take a few minutes, write a meaningful note, and thank someone. If you have time, send out a couple of notes. The positive energy you send out will be returned to you. Plus, it will make you both feel good! Talk about win win.

Who will you thank?

Goal of the Week #39: Visualize

ForbesGoal of the Week: Visualize! Then, create a representation of what it is you want. What is your ultimate dream, goal, or accomplishment? Do you want your book to be on the New York Times Bestseller List? Do you want your business on the Forbes list? Want to be named top 30 under 30 – or top 40 under 40 – in a respected industry publication? Want your app on a list of top apps? Great! Put yourself there … literally.

Want to be on the New York Times Bestseller List, take the current NYTBS. Then, put your name and book title right at the top.

Want to have your name – or your business – as part of a highly respected list in your industry? Take the current list from that magazine, and add your name and photo to that list.

Want your app on CNET’s Best App list or the Top Apps list on Apple or Google Play? Take a screenshot of the current list, then Photoshop your app  right at the top.

Seeing what you want is the first step in getting what you want. Once you have your visual representation, print it our and put it somewhere you will see it every day.

What is it you want? Share in the comments.

Goal of the Week #38 Explore New Social Media

VineThis Week’s Goal: Explore a new social media site. Most of you are already on the main social media platforms: LinkedIn, which everyone should be on for business, as well as Facebook and Twitter. This week, take an hour and explore an additional social media platform, such as Google+, YouTube or Vine (videos), Pinterest (photos), or Instagram (photos and video). There are so many social media apps, it’s nearly impossible to be on all of them. So test them out, one at a time, and see what works best for you. Make it a goal to test out a new site each month. Try and incorporate a new tool into your social strategy every few months.

Social media may seem like a black hole sometimes, swiftly using up your time and energy, when you have so many other things to do. However, social media is an important part of your marketing strategy. So take the time to see what fits best for you and your business.

Goal of the Week #37 Make a List

ListThis Week’s Goal: Make a list. Write out everything you want to accomplish this week. Your list can be as long or as short as you want it to be. Include professional tasks, errands, to dos for your passion project. Write it on paper or use a dedicated document on your computer. And be sure to put stars next to urgent items. Then, each night, cross off everything that you accomplished the previous day and then add any new tasks. This is an easy and effective way to keep track of your to dos and accomplishments.

Did you write your list? How long is it? 

Goal of the Week #36 Treat Yourself

Coffee TreatThis week’s goal: Treat yourself. Halloween reference intended. Treats aren’t just for kids, you know. So, take time off and do something special, whether it’s a walk around the block, a 30-minute coffee break, a long catch-up call with an old friend, lunch at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, or dinner out with someone special. You’ve been working hard. So, just reward yourself and enjoy.

How will you treat yourself this week?

Goal of the Week #35 Make an Intro

LinkedinGoal of the Week: Make an intro – introduce two friends or peers to one another. Business is all about referrals. And some of your friends can benefit from the skills, experience, and advice of others. So, make some connections.  Check your Facebook or LinkedIn feeds and see who of your friends needs something, and then see if you know someone who can fulfill that need. Or, just go through your friends list, decided which of your trusted troupe would benefit from meeting another member, and make an intro. Just make sure you ask before sharing someone’s email address.

In the past week alone, I received two out-of-the-blue intros. Not only did it make me feel good – personally and professionally – it made me want to pay the connections forward.

Who will you introduce? And why?

Goal of the Week #34: Pick a Goal

GG Logo RevThis week’s goal: Pick a goal, any goal – something you can start and finish – and just do it. So many weeks we get frustrated, because we feel like we can’t seem to get things done. So this week, pick something feasible and then accomplish it. It can be a personal goal or a professional one.

Is it time to start a workout regimen? Go to the gym or take a class. Maybe you get stuck writing blog posts, write a blog post. Perhaps you need to read a draft of a book, book proposal, or presentation. Set aside time to do just that. Whatever it is that you need to do, write it down, and look at it every day until you do it. Then, decided on the next goal you wish to accomplish.

What goal will you complete this week?

Goal of the Week #33: Blog

WordPress BlogThis week’s goal: Blog. When was the last time you updated your blog or website? When was the last time you even looked at it? Do you even have a blog? If you don’t, think about starting one – it’s an excellent way to show your expertise. If you do not have a blog, or even if you do, look into guest posting for a friend’s blog, a relevant site in your industry,or both.

These articles don’t have to be long – 300 to 500 words is a good range. However, they should be conversational and user-friendly, unless it’s a high-powered trade website. Whether it’s for your own blog or another site, sharing pieces of your knowledge on a regular basis – news, interviews, trivia, tasks – is an important way you can stay ahead of the pack in your industry.

So, go ahead and write a blog post this week. You know you want to. And if you don’t, well, do it anyway.

What will you write about this week?

Goal of the Week #32: Cook Something

2012-10-07 14.49.46This week’s goal: Cook Something. Now that summer’s over – and before the holidays hit – time to get back to those healthy eating habits. You don’t need to be a gourmet cook. Just google a recipe … if you don’t already have a favorite, go shopping, and cook. Invite a bunch of friends or a special someone. Just as important as working are creating good eating habits, taking breaks, and socializing. This goal allows for all three. Bon apetit!

What will you cook this week?