Goal of the Week #33: Blog

WordPress BlogThis week’s goal: Blog. When was the last time you updated your blog or website? When was the last time you even looked at it? Do you even have a blog? If you don’t, think about starting one – it’s an excellent way to show your expertise.┬áIf you do not have a blog, or even if you do, look into guest posting for a friend’s blog, a relevant site in your industry,or both.

These articles don’t have to be long – 300 to 500 words is a good range. However, they should be conversational and user-friendly, unless it’s a high-powered trade website. Whether it’s for your own blog or another site, sharing pieces of your knowledge on a regular basis – news, interviews, trivia, tasks – is an important way you can stay ahead of the pack in your industry.

So, go ahead and write a blog post this week. You know you want to. And if you don’t, well, do it anyway.

What will you write about this week?