Guided Goals Podcast #8: LinkedIn with Viveka von Rosen

Viveka Von RosenDo you have a profile on LinkedIn?

Want to make a good impression?

Need advice on how to incorporate your passion project?

Viveka von Rosen joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about LinkedIn. Viveka is internationally known as a LinkedInExpert, is author of best selling LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, and has worked with and trained over 100,000 people on the power and success of doing business using LinkedIn.

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Goal of the Week #38 Explore New Social Media

VineThis Week’s Goal: Explore a new social media site. Most of you are already on the main social media platforms: LinkedIn, which everyone should be on for business, as well as Facebook and Twitter. This week, take an hour and explore an additional social media platform, such as Google+, YouTube or Vine (videos), Pinterest (photos), or Instagram (photos and video). There are so many social media apps, it’s nearly impossible to be on all of them. So test them out, one at a time, and see what works best for you. Make it a goal to test out a new site each month. Try and incorporate a new tool into your social strategy every few months.

Social media may seem like a black hole sometimes, swiftly using up your time and energy, when you have so many other things to do. However, social media is an important part of your marketing strategy. So take the time to see what fits best for you and your business.

Goal of the Week #30 Update Your Bio

LinkedInThis week’s goal: Update your bio. In this competitive work environment, it’s important to keep your bio and work experience up-to-date. This week, schedule time to look at all the places where you post your work experience – your resume and your website bio, as well as your LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

Make sure you last job is accurate and add any new skills, accomplishments, and organizations or clubs. Also, update your headshot, press clips, or work examples, and anything else that might be relevant.

Try to do a check of your bio and resume at least once a season. It’s helpful – and more professional – to have your most accurate information at the ready for potential employers as well as people who want to do business with you.

Goal of the Week #5 Write a Testimonial

gold starThis week’s goal: Write a testimonial for a friend or colleague. As you are building up or growing your business, it’s essential to have people  singing your praises. Nothing beats good old-fashioned word of mouth – though much of it is done electronically via LinkedIn or a website these days. So give props to a business you support.You may get a testimonial for your services in return. Or stock up some good karma. Or both.

Who are you vouching for this week?