September 2013 Goals

AutumnCan’t believe it’s September already. Where did the summer go? Good news is you have another four months to complete those annual goals. Bad news is … nope, no bad news. However, since summer is over, it’s time to adjust your schedule again. How many hours a week is it reasonable for you to work on your project(s)? How many hours can you commit to in September? Once you determine that, schedule that time in your calendar. Even if the time is flexible, enter a reminder in your calendar on Monday about how many hours you will work – and track after the fact – each week. Remember, hold yourself accountable for these commitments. You wouldn’t cancel a business meeting with another person, so do not cancel appointments with yourself. Good luck.

What are your goals for September?

August 2013 Goals

SummerIt’s summer! So why not make some awesome progress on your passion project. Here’s a simple way to do just that. In August, do something every day that will bring you closer toward reaching your personal and professional goals. It can be as simple as making a phone call or sending a few catch-up emails or as complex as writing pages for your business plan, blog, or book.

Keep track of your progress on a daily basis. Mark down everything you do in your computer calendar or on a piece of paper with the date and action. It’s highly motivating – you will see and feel that you are getting somewhere!

It’s easy to get discouraged when you are not as far along on your project as you want to be. However, if you focus – and work consistently – you will make great strides.

What actions will you take on this month?

July 2013 Goals

run towards goalIt’s July. That means there are six months left to complete those 2013 goals. That’s right: six months remain, forget about the six months that have come and gone.

The mid-year point means it’s time to regroup and refocus. What do you want to accomplish in 2013? What do you want to get done in July? What do you need to complete by the end of the summer to stay on track? Just break down your goals into manageable parts … and they will be way easier to accomplish.

Whether you are writing a book, starting a blog, or launching a business, pace yourself and work at a steady pace. Write out your goals and look at them regularly. You’ll reach that finish line!

So, how about those July goals? Post them in the comments.

June 2013 Goals

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and you don’t really want to work on your goals today! That’s fine. Take a breath. Take a day. Take the entire weekend. And then start fresh on Monday.

Things don’t stall because you take a weekend off, they stall when you take a week, a few weeks, or a month off. Even if you don’t work on your passion project every day, be sure to keep your project in the front of your mind. Look at your goals daily, and spend quality time working on them on a regular basis. It all adds up! Even a  little bit of time spent working on your project on a regular basis will get you where you want to go.

Good luck!

Post your June goals in the comments.


May 2013 Goals

Spring has sprung! The weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, the time is right for a fresh start! If you are feeling stressed that you haven’t accomplished – or even made a dent in – your goals this year, don’t be. Just take a breath, take a walk, and start fresh.

The most common roadblock that stops us from completing our goals is … us. We get in our own way by being overwhelmed by all we want to do and then stalling. So, start fresh. Review your annual goals, pick a few things to accomplish in May, and just get started. You can do it! Just give yourself permission.

Post your May goals in the comments.

April 2013 Goals

Happy April Fools Day! Did you pull a prank today? Did you get fooled?

Setting goals is no joke! If you define your goals, look at them regularly, and work towards them, you can accomplish almost anything!

So what have you accomplished so far this year? What are you planning to do in April?

Post your goals in the comments.

March 2013 Goals

It’s March already. And in Los Angeles it’s 80 degrees, so it feels like summertime. Nope, half the year hasn’t scooted by – just the first two months of it.

At the beginning of every month it’s helpful to take an inventory of what you have accomplished, and plan next month’s goals accordingly. Don’t get discouraged about what you haven’t done, be encouraged by what you have … and then get set to take next month by storm!

Feel free to post your goals in the comments. You can even post your accomplishments too! Good luck!

February 2013 Goals

It’s the first day of February. How many of you have kept your New Year’s Resolutions? How many have given up on them already?

It’s a new month, so take a few minutes and write down your February Goals. You can even post your goals in the comments. Regardless of where you write them down, look at your goals regularly. It helps to look at your goals every day. Good luck!