Guided Goals Podcast #4: The Influencer Economy with Ryan Williams

Guided Goals Podcast #4: The Influencer Economy with Ryan WilliamsAre you an expert in your industry?

Ready to take things up a notch?

What’s stopping you?

Ryan Williams joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about The Influencer Economy. Ryan is a writer, entrepreneur and marketer, and founder of The Influencer Economy Podcast and upcoming book.


Ryan has focused his business, podcast, and book around what he calls “The Influencer Economy.” These are maker-creator-entrepreneurs launching big media companies through their own content.

Ryan advises if you’re going to create content, whether it’s a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, etc., you need to be consistent and do it every week. Prioritize your side projects and build them into the routine of your business. It’s the long game.

The people who don’t give up because they love it have a greater chance of success. There is no viral moment, Ryan says. Just years and years of doing something you love and making it pay off.


The most important thing is starting and telling people about it. Don’t wait til everything;s perfect;.

  • Get an email list together of friends and former colleagues. Send an email that says, I am doing this, and I would love if you would give me feedback on it, because I want to make it the best in the world.
  • Out up your website, even if it’s just the logo, mission statement and email signup.
  • Create an on-demand channel and make your content evergreen.

The beauty of the internet is there’s a quick memory. If you fail, just own up to it, and move on to the next thing.


There are several ways to get yourself out there.

  • Go to industry-specific conferences and talk to people. Get booked on a panel. If you are an attendee, you have to go up to everyone. If you are on a panel, they come to you. (Not yet at speaker status? Volunteer. That’s the second best way to meet everyone.)
  • Go to big conferences with a clear agenda. Include lunches, dinners, drinks, to fully maximize your opportunities.
  • Create an event.

Work/Life Balance

As an entrepreneur, you need to be around supportive people. If you have a significant other, you are likely with them because they “get” you. Remember, as you grow your business, your friends may change. There’s more overlap between business and social. Ryan adds, you will likely have less in common with friends from college, but that’s okay.

Professional Goal of the Week: Pick a launch date for a major or minor milestone that you have been putting off. Then work backwards and create a plan.

Personal Goal of the Week: Find an event to go to with purpose.

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