Guided Goals Podcast #3: Public Speaking with Rick Clemons

Rick Title CardCurious about public speaking?

Are you an expert in a particular subject?

Want to share what you know with the world … or at least your peers and community?

Our guest today is Rick Clemons, and we’re going to talk about getting yourself out there and speaking about your passion project. Rick,, makes ways for people who’ve got it going to get it going more by helping them Dig their Diff.

Rick, through his coaching, websites and podcasts, helps people step into their best self.


Everyone has a unique story, and your story has applications in lots of different places. Don’t be afraid to share yourself and to get really creative. For example, Rick has taken his own coming out story, and used it to help others come out, whether they are coming out as an entrepreneur, a cancer survivor, or someone who no can longer work in a corporate environment. Rick uses what he learned through his own coming-out journey to help people step forward into who they are meant to be. His platform is all about coming out and being who you truly are.

Want to Speak?

Step one is to say, “My story is worth telling.” Then, start telling it.

Speak anywhere and everywhere. Join groups, look at where other people are speaking, check local organization. Also, keep your ears open when you are in social situations, because you never know if someone needs a speaker o knows someone who does.

Also, don’t be afraid to speak in different formats, like podcasts, webinars, tele-seminars. It;s part of practicing your voice, being consistent, allowing things to happen. And you also get to deliver part of your core story.


  • Pay attention to the audience. It’s not about us. It’s about the audience.
  • Remember to breathe, to pause. You need to give room for things to sink in.
  • Know it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be the way you did it in that moment.
  • Use an outline, so you do not get stuck with the words.
  • Learn how to own the stage. Own the audience in a loving way to be of service to those listening to you.

Favorite Resources

Rick recommends vocal warm-ups, Michael Port’s new book Steal the Show, and to trust yourself every step of the way when you are speaking.

“When you trust yourself to be yourself, everything’s possible,” Rick says.

Work/Life Balance

Rick enjoys his family, cycling, drinking wine. He shares how he draws boundaries (with a little wiggle-room) to keep the different projects a little bit separate, which increases focus during work-time. He calendars time to go to the gym, stops working at 7pm, and takes weekends off (usually).

Professional Goal of the Week: Share your story with one person today or tomorrow.

Personal Goal of the Week: Calendar one hour for me-time at least once this week.

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