Guided Goals Podcast #10: Breaking through Blocks with Chris Husong

Chris HusongDo you find yourself struggling with blocks?

Are you teetering on the edge of success?

Ready to learn how to break through?

Chris Husong joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about breaking through road blocks. Chris is a media strategist and business advisor to large brands, TV shows, sports teams, speakers and authors. He loves to listen to dreams and help people reach them. Chris is a father, entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, tech geek, and a romantic. Chris’ fun, flow-y bio comes from Twitter. He put something together to communicate what people would hear from him from his Twitter feed.

Chris has been selling since the 6th grade, doing his own jobs. His dad was a MLM junkie, so Chris got to listen to all his motivational tapes and go to sales meetings. Chris also gives credit to his mom, who told him he could do anything he wanted. He lives by the motto: “Never give up!”

It’s all about believing that you can. Chris works with entrepreneurs who come to him because they have a problem or they want to make more sales or they want to achieve something. They come to Chris because they think social media will fix it. It’s the shiny object that attracts their attention, but what he ends up doing is helping them find the thing that keeps them from what they want and overcome their road block. They didn’t expect the roadblock.

Road Blocks

Chris is solutions-oriented. “The minute you say ‘can’t,’ it’s almost like I can’t hear you.” He believes a lot of time people create their own blocks. Things happen. You have to expect road blocks.

For example, common roadblocks include:

  • “I don’t know how to sell.”
  • “I’m not good at marketing.”
  • “I’m scared.”
  • “I don’t know how to do that.”
  • “I can’t do that.”

Chris talks about his road blocks – large and small – from growing up, and the things he did to get through them. He looks at the challenges and the opportunities. It was his ability to look at challenges and find solutions that helped him get through. (I reference my interview with Jay Samit, too.)

Solutions to Common Road Blocks

For “I can’t sell,” Chris recommends to first, remove the word “can’t.” Instead say, “I have not learned to, I have not found the resource that helps me, I haven’t found the right mentor to help me communicate what I want to do, I haven’t found the product that I enjoy selling.”

If you have a product that’s not selling, reach out to people in your world, brainstorm ideas, and get feedback.

Change “I can’t write” to “I haven’t been able to figure out how to work writing into my life.” First, set a time frame. “I’m going to write x times/week, I will complete chapter 1 by this date.” Then, take action.

Bottom Line

Step one: Figure out the challenge.

Step two: Come up with ideas and make a plan.

Step three: Do it!

We all have to do what it takes to pay the bills. We all have to do what it takes to make time for the people in our lives.

“I don’t have time” is not an answer. You need to find solutions. You have to decide to work extra, to get up earlier, to skip going to the movies, to learn how to dictate while you work out, etc.

Also, believe in yourself. But be honest enough to know if what you are doing is good. If it is, keep moving forward!

Work/Life Balance

Chris knows work/life balance is a daily challenge, but you need to know you can’t say Yes to everything and you can’t say No to everything. Sometimes he has to work three days straight and other times, he doesn’t. It’s knowing you have to be flexible, lnowing your priorities and moving forward.

Professional Goal of the Week: Identify a road block, brainstorm 20 solutions, and set a time frame to do that.

Personal Goal of the Week: Read a book.

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