Guided Goals Podcast

Guided Goals Podcast

The Guided Goals Podcast is a series of interviews that gives you the tools, direction, and resources you need to pursue your passion project.

Topics include branding, project management, public relations, and more.

Each episode runs around 20 minutes, and wraps with professional and/or personal goal suggestions. These are action items to help you move forward on your project immediately.


Fantastic – Helpful in business and life. Great info on goals and direction.” – by Forple

I really like the concise and valuable discussions Debra has with her various guests about passion projects, very inspiring!” – DrGupta!

Great topics and guests around goals and getting things done for your project or business. Deb is likable, natural and keeps the conversation going. More importantly she leverages her network of smart and successful people to talk with her for these podcasts.” – Sswim

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