Guided Goals Podcast #7: Content Marketing with Jon Wuebben

Jon WuebbenDo you write content for your business?

Are you a blogger?

Need some help to get started?

Jon Wuebben joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about Content Marketing. Jon is the CEO of Content Launch, a content marketing platform provider as well as the author of the bestselling, Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web & Mobile.

Jon has been doing writing and content marketing for the past 12 years. Jon says his business has never been like work to him, because it’s what he loves to do.

The Importance of Writing

Texting and email have taken over as the people’s main form of communication over the last 15 or 20 years. It used to be via phone and in person, but the internet changed everything.

The internet is driven by content, and since 70% of it is text, the written word is more important than ever.

If you’re a great writer, fantastic. If you’re not a good writer, it’s an opportunity to learn how to become a better writer. Sure you can outsource your writing, but if you are an expert, people want to hear it from you – not through you – so take the time to work on your writing.

Tips for Writing

Looking to improve your writing? Listen to how you talk and ask yourself how to transfer it into the written form.

Another option is to look at the blogs you follow, and study them.

In terms of format, blog posts typically have:

  • The most important stuff up front
  • Key points in the middle
  • And a call to action at the end

When you write, you need to make a point, as well as educate and inform.

Blog posts should be at least 500 words. However, to stand out, make it 1,500 words, Jon suggests. Instead of 20 posts a month, write 5 or 10 really good posts.

Sharing Your Content

You may have the best content in the world, but if you are not getting it out there, it’s all for nothing.

Your blog is your hub for all of your content. Start by writing and publishing posts on your blog.

Then set it up through Hootsuite or another tool to automatically share it to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, once it’s posted.

Also, look for other content communities that are visited by your audience, and connect with the influeners in your space. Find influencers on Twitter, develop relationships with them, and make sure they share our content (and you share theirs).

Plus, to step up your game, try SlideShare, Vimeo, and YouTube, and paid channels, such as Outbrain.


To find influencers, check out Traackr and BuzzSumo. Also go on Twitter and search your influencers in your industry. put in your industry to find the biggest movers and shakers. Then introduce yourself, and suggest you share each others’ stuff. If you connect with 10 thought leaders on Twitter and they each have 50,000 followers, do the math. That’s huge for your visibility, Jon says.

Jon’s favorite social media channels are Twitter and LinkedIn. He also uses Hubspot. Every time he publishes a new blog post, it automatically publishes to his LinkedIn groups. Join LinkedIn groups, too.

Work/Life Balance

In addition to his love of karaoke, Jon is a songwriter. When Jon comes home at night, he relaxes by hanging out at the piano and writing for an hour or two. It’s turned into a second career for him. Jon is releasing his first album next month.

Professional Goal of the Week #1: Write a blog post. If you have trouble getting started, Jon recommends drinking a cup of coffee or other caffeine before you sit down to write. It will give you a jolt.

Professional Goal of the Week #2: Reach out to five influencers in your field and start to develop relationships with them.

Bonus Goal from Jon: Listen to this podcast and take notes. Write down a few things that you will immediately. When you write down your goals and look at them regularly, you are more likely to do them.

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