April Goals

FoolsNo Foolin’. It’s April already. ¬†How did you do on your March goals? How are things shaping up for April?

It’s not only the beginning of the month, it’s beginning of the second quarter of the year. Take some time to reassess what you have accomplished this year and Q1, before you figure out your goals for Q2.

What was your greatest accomplishment so far this year? What did you plan to do? What still need to get done?

Carry over your most important goals to April-May-June. If there’s something that didn’t get done and can wait, that’s fine. Just put it on the backburner.

For April, if you find yourself struggling to catch up, just set attainable goals. Lay off the reach goals for the month. Once you start accomplishing, you’ll be amazed at what you can get done with a little momentum. And that’s no joke!

What are your goals for April? For Q2?