February 2014 Goals

Winter GoalsAhh. February. It’s been a cold, snowy, and perhaps not-so-productive winter. This is the month when most people kick themselves for already messing up their New Year’s Resolutions aka annual goals. Don’t do that! It’s one month. You have another 11 months to complete your annual goals.

If you are already going in the right direction, keep up the good work. If you are falling behind on your annual goals, don’t worry. Just re-group, re-establish your goals, and start moving forward.

What are your February Goals? What will you do this month to kickstart your productivity/make progress on your annual goals?

Goal of the Week #31 Have Fun

At the PoolThis week’s goal: Have some fun! You work too hard. You know you do. So this week, give yourself a break. Go for a swim. See a movie. Have dinner with a friend. Go dancing. Have a karaoke night.

Sometimes it’s just as important to schedule down-time as it is get things accomplished. Remember, everything on your list will get done. A few hours should leave you feeling refreshed and improve your perspective. Enjoy!

What fun activity will you do this week?