Guided Goals Podcast #38: Networking with Cheryl Tan

Cheryl TanCheryl Tan joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about networking. Cheryl is the founder and CEO of Tan Media LLC, a media strategy company that shows entrepreneurs how to get the attention they want.

Cheryl talks about how networking is more than just going to events and handing out business cards. She offers tips on how to really connect and follow up.

Sign up for Cheryl’s free 2-week Become a Media Magnet course and get her “5 reasons the media isn’t calling you (and what you can do instead)” PDF.

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Goal of the Week #25 Expand your Social Circle

EB BBThis week’s goal: Expand your social circle. My favorite way to meet new people is to check out a new event or meetup group. I network … a lot. So it’s unusual for me to go somewhere where I know only one or two people. Yet that was the case at last weekend’s Eventbrite LA’s Bloggers & Bellinis. It was a great event, full of food, fun, and new friends. After the event, I followed up with many of the people I met on social networks. You never know where a new connection will lead. You just have to start by connecting.

This week, find and attend an event with a new group of people. Introduce yourself to and exchange cards with at least five of them. Good luck and have fun!

What new event will you attend this week?

Goal of the Week #20 Be Social

socialThis week’s goal: Be social. Go to  networking event, a panel discussion, or booksigning. Going to events in – or slightly outside of – your field are all great opportunities to meet new people, expand your network, and learn something.

I recommend trying to go to at least one event every or every other week at the very least.I live in Los Angeles, and opportunities are everywhere … many nights, there are at least two to three competing events. If you live in a smaller town, you may have to look a little harder, but opportunities are there.

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You can find events by asking friends, going to, and checking your local library and bookstore. You can also do a good old-fashioned local Google search. When you are out and about, you never know who you might meet: A new friend, a potential client, or business resource. A little bit of social can go a long way. Don’t forget to bring your business cards.

What event will you go to this week?