Guided Goals Podcast #15: Creating the Life You Want with Dr. Michael Lennox

Michael LennoxAre you creating the life you want?

Need some tips to help you find your direction?

How about some advice to set yourself up for success?

Dr Michael Lennox joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about creating the life you want. Michael is a spiritual teacher and author; psychologist, astrologer and internationally renowned expert on dreams and dream interpretation, he considers himself an ambassador to the unconscious mind.

Dreams pretty much mean what you think they mean, Michael says, he just interprets them faster. Dream work led him to astrology. In his mid-30’s he embraced his entire gift and got his masters.

Michael explores how to tap into your dreams, as well as your waking life, to figure out how to be better in touch with yourself and the things you want to do and make them happen.

If you do something you love, it will raise your vibration and elevates what you bring to the rest of the world, Michael says.

Our Dreams

If you don’t know where to start out there, start in here, Michael says. Everyone has something built in, for fun and for free: your dreams. Dreams clean the brain off and prepare the brain for the next day. We take what’s important and create memory. And everything else just goes away.

Our dreams speak to us. They help us become better human beings. If you pay attention to your dreams, they do a better job of helping you. Basically, our dreams are happy if we listen. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy dreams, Michael points out. There is a process to them. The more you listen to them, the deeper they can go.

To honor your dreams it can be as simple as remembering them, thinking about them, writing them down, sharing them with others, and/or doing something creative an abstract in response to it. If you want to speak back to you dreams, do something that’s symbolic.

Petitioning Dreams

Want to get insights from your dreams? Before bed, say, “Hey dream state, what do you think about this situation? Is there any extra wisdom from you that I can get out of you?” Then the dreams come through. You have to trust your greater consciousness knows what’s going on. Sometimes it isn’t clear and other times, it’s too clear.

What to do when Awake

Everything that happens to us is an expression of our consciousness, Michael explains. You can interpret events and circumstances in a way that is relevant. When something occurs, looking at it externally, and try to figure out what it means for you personally.

If you have an activity that makes you happy, do more of that. But the other way to look at it is this. You can declare that the happiness is caused by the activity. Or decide that the happiness is what causes you to do more of that thing.

When you choose happiness, you cultivate the experience of joy. Joy turns into more joy.


People think a spiritual practice is long and complex.

If you know how to breathe, you know how to have a spiritual practice,

I asked Michael, “Why doesn’t everyone do this?”

It is the human experience to resist this, he replies. We are trained to look out there, and not to look inside.

What’s going on in the world effects our lives. So we also need to be careful of what we let in.

I know it’s changeable, but it takes great tenacity to bust through those resistances.

Start small. Don’t think you need to start by meditating for 20 minutes at a time. That’s a set up to fail. Start by meditating a few minutes a day and see what happens.

Work/Life Balance

Find your own recipe for balance in your life. To find what works for you, try a lot of approaches. It’s a set up to think someone else’s answer is the right answer for you. Your individual rhythm is something you should honor.

Use the mind to declare what you desire. The mind is what’s telling you can’t, so tell it you can.

It’s no different than using affirmations, Michael explains.

Better to say “I am in the process of” or “I am willing to” than “I am.” If you say you are willing to, that’s a different conversation. It subjugates the “no,” which is the automatic response of your subconscious mind This way, the subconscious mind has to think about it.

Goal of the Week #1: Use one of Michael’s affirmations or create one of your own.

Goal of the Week #2: Say it continually until you get it … or until it evolves into something else..

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