Guided Goals Podcast #14: Twitter with Madalyn Sklar

Madalyn SklarDo you use Twitter for your passion project?

Want to get more out of it?

Are you aiming to connect more and grow your following?

Madalyn Sklar joins us on the Guided Goals podcast, and we’re going to talk about using Twitter for your Passion Project. Madalyn is a top-ranked social media power influencer. blogger. and podcaster. Madalyn offers great tips for getting started, engaging, following, getting followers, and more.

Madalyn has been in online marketing for 20 years, back when it was new and exciting and fun, though not as fun as it is now, she says. She fell in love with it and saw it’s potential. She became one of the first web designers in Houston, Texas, where she lives. She also started an online community for women in music, which is still going strong.

The Importance of Twitter

Twitter is the cocktail party. It’s the place to go and meet a lot of people and network.If you know the right way to use it, you can get a lot out of it. There are a lot of wrong ways to use Twitter. A lot of people just throw out so much information about themselves. What you want to do is listen. Listen to people and find businesses, organizations and like-minded people, and jump into conversations.

Let your fingers do the talking. It’s just like texting, and we’re all good at texting. Because we are so limited with the number of characters, we have to make them all count.

Madalyn likes getting on Twitter, saying what it is she has to say, and moving on to the next thing.

Getting Started

Start with a good profile picture. Then, add a header image. You want something that paints a picture of who you are and what you do. You also want a good bio, since that’s what someone will look at and decide whether to follow you.

Once you are set, if you want to find good people to follow quickly, start with Twitter chats. Go and Google search for Twitter chats. Find one that appeals to you and, when you have something to say, jump in.

Finding People to Follow & Getting Followers

It goes back to listening.

Look at the people who have great tweets, such as Gary Vaynerchuk. Read their tweets, and see the people who comment on their tweets. This will lead you to their profiles, and so on.

Use retweets and mentions to get on someone’s radar.

Madalyn does a Twitter Smarter podcast (she also hosts a #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat). When she was in pre-launch mode last May, she was seeking out people on Twitter she wanted to interview, like Pat Flynn. So she started retweeting and responding to his tweets, which got her on his radar. So by the time she tweeted to him, asking him to be on her podcast, he had an idea of who she was.

It’s the difference between a warm cal and a cold call.


The biggest one is “buy this, buy that,” and being to self-promotional. Remember, Twitter is a two-way street. Have a conversation.

Another is not having a good Twitter bio. People don’t spend the time optimizing their profile, and then wonder why they don’t get followers.

Not having a strategy. Think about why you are there and who you want to connect with before you jump in. If you have limited time on Twitter, Madalyn recommends using your mobile device, since a lot of time it’s easier to kick back than using your pc.

Also, if you are limited, you really need to have a plan if you want to spend your time efficiently. Madalyn will sit on Twitter for 10 minutes. She starts by checking notifications and responding, then looks at the suggestions of people to follow.

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are great for staying organized, but there are other ways to use them. ‘

  • Come up with a clever name for a public list. When you add someone, they will get a notification that they have been added to your list, which will make them feel good. Plus, you get on their radar.
  • You can also have private lists, like lists of competitors, etc. It defaults to public, so be sure to check the box to make it private.

Additional Tips

Mention/tag people you talk about on Twitter. Search for them on Twitter or type it out, so they know you are talking about. For example, Tweet “@MadalynSklar is so smart” while you listen to this chat.

It doesn’t matter if the person you are talking about is a big deal or not. They won’t know you are talking about them unless you tag them.

Work/Life Balance

Gary Vaynerchuk gets it, Madalyn explains. He says, if you want to have these things, you have to hustle. If you work hard and hustle, great things are going to happen.

Madalyn has been hustling online for 20 years. Her son is now grown. She adds, when your kids are younger, you are forced to have balance. Now, she says it’s hustle, hustle, hustle. Make the time, make the balance, and make it work.

Professional Goal of the Week #1: Fix your Twitter profile.

Professional Goal of the Week #2: Start listening and find people and connect.

Bonus Professional Goal of the Week:Find a Twitter chat and join in. The more you join consistently, the more people get to know you. You will be amazed by what you get out of it, Madalyn says. Tweet to @MadalynSklar to let her know how it goes! Tweet to @GuidedGoals too!

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