November 2013 Goals

autumn leavesThe countdown begins. Only two months left til the end of the year. You can panic, scrap all of your unaccomplished goals for 2013, and take the rest of the year off. Or – and this is my recommendation – take a breath and see what you can still accomplish this year. December will have it’s own challenges and end of the year deadlines. So, just focus on November. Name one, two, or three things you can realistically get done this month. Do you want to launch that long-overdue blog, make a business plan, or even just clean out your office? Do you want to make good on your goal to network more and attend a few events this month? Perhaps it’s time to start the workout regimen you promised you would do last January. Just pick something, do it, and then pick something else. It’s that simple.

What is your goal – or are your goals – for November?