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Jenn Herman

Guided Goals Podcast #11: Instagram with Jenn Herman

Have you explored Instagram? Want to learn what the fuss is all about? Ready to get started? Jenn Herman joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about using Instagram for your Passion Project. Jenn of Jenn’s Trends is a social media consultant, trainer, and the forefront blogger on Instagram marketing. Jenn says her blog [...]

Step away from the computer (3)

LA Happy Hour – 12/2/15

LA Writers/Creatives/Entrepreneurs, we’re wrapping up the year with a Happy Hour on Wednesday, December 2, from 6 – 8pm! at The West End. It’s just a few blocks south of our regular meeting place (2116 Westwood Blvd), and there’s a parking lot just south of the bar. Plus, they have nice Happy Hour specials until [...]

Chris Husong

Guided Goals Podcast #10: Breaking through Blocks with Chris Husong

Do you find yourself struggling with blocks? Are you teetering on the edge of success? Ready to learn how to break through? Chris Husong joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we’re going to talk about breaking through road blocks. Chris is a media strategist and business advisor to large brands, TV shows, sports [...]