Define, Plan & Achieve Your Goals
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Guided Goals Podcast #3: Public Speaking with Rick Clemons

Curious about public speaking? Are you an expert in a particular subject? Want to share what you know with the world … or at least your peers and community? Our guest today is Rick Clemons, and we’re going to talk about getting yourself out there and speaking about your passion project. Rick,, makes ways for people who’ve [...]

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Guided Goals Podcast #2: Project Management with Dave Johnson

Do you have a fabulous idea? Is there a project you’ve always wanted to start? Are you tired of putting your dreams on hold? Our guest today is Dave Johnson and we’re going to talk about building your passion project. Dave is the Tech Editorial Director at eHow and is the editor-in-chief of a new [...]

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Guided Goals Podcast #1: Branding with Tara Coomans

Are you working on branding your business? Do you have a project in need of an identity? Want to stand out from the crowd? Our very first guest is Tara Coomans, and we’re going to talk about branding. Tara is a digital branding and marketing strategist and founder of Poodle Mafia, a company with a [...]